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Getting Dressed: Out of the habit

Regulars | By Brigid Keenan

Former nun Caroline Dawnay found a new life when she fell in love 

Fifty-two years ago, Caroline Tindal (as she was then) walked down the aisle in a wedding dress made by her mother with the precious family veil of old Honiton lace over her head. The priest was waiting for her at the altar rails but there was no bridegroom or best man beside him because the nineteen-year-old bride was not marrying a mere mortal, but Christ himself. In other words, she was becoming a nun. In front of her family, the pupils from the convent’s school and the rest of the religious community, the priest placed a white nun’s veil over the old lace veil, and then Caroline was taken to a side room where her wedding dress was removed and she was clothed in her newly blessed habit.  ‘My hair was cut off, and the headdress put on – a bonnet with a pie frill around the face – and...

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