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Raymond Briggs: Notes from the Sofa

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It’s a big ask, and it’s well outside my comfort zone, but, having just read John Rentoul’s iconic book The Banned List, on improving one’s writing, I’ve decided to take flight on this learning curve, and clear over all those level playing fields. At least it will force me to think outside the box, will draw a line under earlier Oldie pieces and may get me through to something more existential. Now I will ring-fence all earlier Oldie pieces and foreground a road map for future writing. So I must step up to the plate and give the idea a kickstart. Let’s hope it will produce a plethora of pleasantries for the reader. Even if, at the end of the day, I may need to kick it into the long grass, after all, the whole idea may be a fake dawn; it may be fatally flawed and dead in the...

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