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Res Publica: The next generation won't take prisoners

Regulars | By Simon Carr

The Sixties and Seventies were fighting years - when radicalism exploded on to the streets. But you ain't seen nothing like the future

Ah, the young – if only they knew. Then again, if only I knew. What is going on in their heads? I only know one or two people under thirty well enough to ask, and, even then, it’s not easy. They’re polite, they don’t like to give unnecessary offence, nor do they like to get into a discussion which might turn into a confrontation or interrogation. They’re very nice, young people I brush across. However, one godson did reveal something in a text before the election. ‘I don’t know anyone voting Conservative,’ he wrote. ‘Nowhere on Facebook is there anyone I know saying they’ll vote Conservative.’  He has 800 ‘friends’, any number of ‘likes’, no formal interest in politics, and something of a secret conservative kink in his character. His circle may or may not be Corbyn acolytes, but I’m guessing they consider the conservative mindset to be callous, uncaring...

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