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The night sky’s ruined. I blame Crimewatch

Regulars | By Giles Wood

Streetlights: the bane of my existence (Credit: by is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Streetlights bothering you? Giles Wood knows the feeling

No offence to old women but, being a bit of an old woman myself, I insisted on leaving much more time than we needed before heading for a minibreak with successful friends in ‘Housman Country’. We arrived a good half-hour earlier than scheduled and, since we all know it’s a cardinal sin to turn up early, I left Mary typing away on her tablet in the car and began creeping round the garden with our Tibetan spaniel. Excited by this new territory, he left more than his usual number of ‘pee-mails’ to alert other dogs to his presence. At the top of the drive stood the Victorian Tudorbethan vicarage, perched like a giant butter dish on the side of the Long Mynd, its smoking chimneys indicating that the cavernous interior would be pleasantly overheated as usual. Gravel’s normally a giveaway for intruders, but there was a howling gale which must...

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