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The consolation of blossom

Blog | By Harry Mount | Mar 19, 2020

At this worrying time for the country, Britain's spring colours lift the spirits, says Harry Mount

You can see why the Japanese adore their blossoming trees and are mad-keen on having picnics beneath them. There's nothing like this brief period of spring when nature is on fire - particularly when the country is going through a national crisis.

We take our blossom for granted. Strange, given that it is quite so spectacular. I recently took a train from Hatch End and took this picture of a cherry tree weighed down with blossom. All the way back into London, the sides of the railway tracks were illuminated with bursts of colour. The cherry trees (Prunus 'Sunset Boulevard') near my north London flat are dotted with thick puffballs of pink-white candy floss.

Soon the blossom will start to disappear and the colour will all be gone, and we will enter the dog days of monochrome summer. But, for now, what consolation in grim times!