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The mercury's rising – time to go sockless!

Blog | By Harry Mount | Jul 19, 2019

Unacceptable. Credit: Oddman47 [CC0]

Nick Clegg has been complaining that no one in California, where he works for Facebook, wears socks. Why do men wear socks at all in summer, asks Harry Mount

Why is the Englishman so umbilically tied to his socks? When the temperature rises, the Mediterranean male casts aside his socks and retains an innate style. But homo Britannicus clings on to them and commits the ultimate sartorial sin – socks with shorts or, worse, socks with sandals (pictured, I'm afraid - although, it must be said, some of the world's greatest teachers like the combination). Some gentlemen's clubs even refuse admission to the sockless.

It depends on the shoe, of course. Bare feet in trainers? No, thank you – the smell doesn't bear thinking about. Make sure that the sockless shoe fits your foot – otherwise disaster looms, as your shoes go flying. But a naked male foot in a loafer is the height of Costa del Style.

So go on. Hurl aside your socks while it's hot. You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions – and the horrible sensation of overheated feet.