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The photo album of the century

Blog | Feb 05, 2019

Berlin, 1961 – West Germans communicating with relations in East Berlin. When the Berlin Wall went up in 1961, McCullin cut short his honeymoon to rush there. The Berlin pictures won him a British Press Award and an Observer contract.​

Don McCullin is Britain's greatest war photographer, capturing battle scenes across the world for more than fifty years. Today, Tate Britain have opened a new exhibition of his greatest works

Eastbourne, 1970s. McCullin has shot six major photo essays on Britain. Born in 1935, he began his career in 1959, with his first published picture, of a young gang in his native north London. A 2016 Oldie prizewinner, McCullin was knighted in 2017.

Near Bruton, Somerset, 1986. McCullin often photographs Somerset, where he lives. In traumatised moments, he says, people often suggest ‘the help of a psychiatrist. But I’m convinced that I found a better healer in the English landscape.’