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Getting Dressed: The Oldie Swimsuit competition

Regulars | By Brigid Keenan

Flatter and conceal was the brief for Central St Martins students

In last year’s Summer issue, we announced a competition in which students at London’s prestigious Central St Martins would design swimwear for older women. The judges, Vanessa Denza, a fashion consultant who, as buyer for Woollands’ 21 Shop was more or less the Queen of Fashion in the Sixties, the American artist Candace Bahouth, who modelled a swimsuit for this page last year, and I, had the best time meeting the twenty-odd young people who entered the competition and looking at their work. The students are all in their second year of studying print as well as fashion; so there were some astounding fabrics created for the swimwear and manufacturers would do well to keep an eye on these students. In my brief I explained that older women don’t like to reveal their wrinkly skin and bulging figures, and that many of us would prefer not to be seen in...

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