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God: Church calms the soul seven days a week

Regulars | By Sister Teresa

Recently, I was on holiday in south-west Scotland staying in a lovely house with the kindest of hosts. The scenery there is, in its way, perfection, with miniature hills and valleys, small lochs, dry-stone walls and farmhouses so much part of the landscape they might have grown out of it organically, along with the woods. There is something very moving about going for a walk or a drive in such settings. I passed an ancient round fort grazed over by cattle – far more impressive than if it had been excavated and turned into a tourist attraction – and the silvery light made the countryside glow as if lit from within. (The more cynical would say that this means that a shower of rain is imminent, but it doesn’t stop it from being lovely.) I was on my way to the small town of Dalbeattie, where Saint Peter’s Roman Catholic...

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