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Grumpy Oldie Man: I’m fed up with feedback says Matthew Norman

Regulars | By Matthew Norman

Why should I review my new toothbrush? By Matthew Norman

In contemplating the toilet-plunger ordered this week in response to a blockage, as so cordially invited to do by Amazon, the mind flashes back to the quagmire football pitches of late-Victorian England. On reflection, I’m not convinced that the above makes any sense. It could well be that I’ve been at the magic mushrooms, and am in the midst of a mildly hallucinogenic reverie. If it isn’t the ’shrooms, the point may perhaps concern the touching tale of the Corinthian Casuals football team and the penalty kick. The Casuals, the story goes, were so outraged by the unfairness of shooting unchallenged from 12 yards out that in protest they deliberately missed all penalties. I mention this vignette from the glory days of British amateurism only because those days, hugely against the odds in a mercenary era, have returned. We’re all of us amateurs now in the singular field of written...

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