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Home Front: Lonely hearts fill an empty nest

Regulars | By Alice Pitman

I am now officially an empty-nester. Both children have left home. For the first time in twenty-three years, Mr Home Front and I find ourselves once more alone (though he reckons they’ll both be back before Christmas).  Fred is currently in the spare bedroom of foghorn-voiced Newsnight reporter John Sweeney’s house in London. Free board and lodging – on condition that he keeps his dog, Bertie, company while he is working.  As far as I can tell, Fred and Sweeney spend most of their spare time down the pub, devising schemes to get rich. Their latest plan is to write a musical on Scientology, which I think is a splendid idea. If The Book of Mormon, why not the antics of Ron L Hubbard’s lot? Though who will compose the tunes? I eagerly put myself forward via text, but tumbleweed blew back across the cyber ether.  ‘How is Sweeney coping...

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