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I ran away to sea. By David Pybus

Articles | By David Pybus

Ocean notions: Brigitte Bardot and Dirk Bogarde in Doctor at Sea (1955)

After 25 years as a cruise-ship lecturer, David Pybus adores life on the ocean wave

My cruise-ship career started last century with a phone call which I thought was a scam. I was known as the Indiana Jones of Scent after my career in the perfume business. The career has its advantages. If I didn’t come home smelling of perfume, my wife would shout, ‘Where the hell have you been?’ The man at the other end of the phone asked if I would like to give a 45-minute talk about perfumes on a two-week cruise for me and my wife in the Indian Ocean. I hung up. The next call, a few minutes later, was more insistent and infinitely more believable. After many years aboard, I’ve grown used to all the jokes on the more- advanced-age cruises: ‘I’m the only one on board with my own hips;’ ‘Even the portholes are bifocal.’ The best one was ‘I don’t know how old the lady is that...

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