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I’m in the black – and I hate it. Not going grey by Adam Edwards

Articles | By Adam Edwards

Not a grey hair: Adam Edwards

At 73, lucky Adam Edwards has a full head of undyed, black hair, but he’s longing to go grey

I always wanted to be a silver fox. I liked to believe that I’d make a raffish George Clooney who, according to Fox News, ‘embraces his age and lets his natural grey hair shine on the red carpet’. Unfortunately, I am no George in the charm or looks department. Nor, more importantly, do I have a grey hair in my head. At 73, I have hair the colour of ink. Most think this doggedly dark thatch a blessing. To me, it is a curse. I want to be grisly. I want to look wise and distinguished. ‘Grey hair is a crown of splendour,’ says Proverbs 16:31. Old age without a few speckles of salt and pepper suggests someone who has not suffered the usual slings and arrows of life. It indicates a shallow man; a figure of fun who is not to be taken seriously. I am likened to an...

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