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Mary Killen’s Beauty Tips. My rubber fetish

Regulars | By Mary Killen

Kim Kardashian

Rubberwear isn’t just for perverts – it’s now fashionable

Rubber, a fabric once considered the preserve of perverts, has now become almost mainstream. And it’s not just the predictable attention-seekers – Cher, Madonna, Kim Kardashian – who flaunt it, looking like giant human sex toys at Met Galas and the Oscars. Its more demure iterations are now favoured in high society as well. Think junior influencers such as Lady Amelia Windsor, Lady Lola Bute and Princess Olympia of Greece. The wholesome actor Timothée Chalamet wore a green latex trench coat to kick off the Wonka film press tour. ‘Rubber fetishists’, as they were known when I was junior, were a secret society. We used to chuckle, in the 1970s, about the incongruous factory run by a (distinguished intellectual) acquaintance out of an old watermill in Dorset. There he knocked up rubber mackintoshes, bras and pants, and posted them out under plain cover to his quietly recruited network of enthusiasts...

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