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Mary Killen’s Beauty Tips: Too much exercise has left my friends in agony

Regulars | By Mary Killen

Bette Calman

Over-use it – and lose it says Mary Killen

A few years ago, I went to stay with well-appointed friends who invited me to join them on a ride around their park. I replied that I hadn’t ridden for years and had lost my nerve on horses who, being instinctive, would be able to tell I was anxious and wouldn’t respect my authority. ‘Don’t worry,’ my friends replied. ‘You can go on Dumpy. Look at him – he’s the sweetest old boy imaginable. He never goes beyond ambling. It’s just like being on a sofa.’ We looked out of the window at the tethered Dumpy, small and squat, who was genially chewing cud and emanating calm. And so I found myself ambling along behind the others, thinking, ‘This is marvellous. I’m going to start riding again.’ But then Dumpy began whinnying and broke into a gallop. Further into the park, he could see other horses, gathered for a lawn...

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