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Memorial Service, Lord Mayhew of Twysden QC DL, 1929–2016

Regulars | By James Hughes-Onslow

Because he was a young prime minister, Sir John Major now finds that many of his older colleagues are knocking on the door of that great Cabinet Room in the sky – and he is invited to pay tribute to them in the pulpit in St Margaret’s Westminster. Patrick Mayhew, former Solicitor-General, Attorney General and Northern Ireland Secretary, was the latest recipient. Sir John began by telling how Mayhew gave him his first step on the ladder. ‘Thirty-five years ago, as a minister in the Home Office, [Paddy] beckoned me into a corner of the voting lobby in the Commons and invited me to become his PPS. We were standing very close together to avoid being overheard, when he noticed my sudden wince of pain. He was immediately solicitous. “What’s wrong? Are you ill? Is there anything I can do?” ‘ “Just one thing, Paddy,” I said. “You are standing...

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