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Motoring: Classic car sense

Pursuits | By Alan Judd

Enthusiasts of motorism, as driving was often referred to in Edwardian days, may have noticed that, from May 2018, cars more than forty years old will not require an MOT, bringing them into line with the existing forty-year-plus road tax exemption. Both are rolling exemptions rather than dating from a fixed year, like the current pre-1960 MOT exemption. Good or bad? I think good, though 56 per cent of respondents to the government consultation paper thought bad. The arguments against change are, essentially, that cars are safer with an annual, independent check of safety and environmental features. You may be a responsible and capable DIY mechanic, cherishing your collectable 1977 Ford Granada, but you’re likely to deal with faults only as you become aware of them. You’ll probably check your steering joints when you notice play, not before. An MOT, however, will tell you that, although your steering is OK...

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