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My burial plot - Laurence Marks

Features | By Laurence Marks

Hitler and Unity

Despite being Jewish, screenwriter Laurence Marks will be buried in a churchyard – next to the Hitler-supporting Mitford sisters

I am going to break medical confidentiality now. But stay with me – it leads to somewhere strange. A graveyard in the Cotswolds. After I’d bribed an appointment with my GP, we were sitting opposite each other when he asked me, ‘Have you thought about where your final resting place will be?’ ‘I didn’t think I was that poorly,’ I replied. ‘No, no – you’re very healthy,’ the doctor said. ‘I was just making small talk.’ I had never given it any thought. My parents are buried in a Jewish cemetery over in Hertfordshire. I, never having been a member of a synagogue, wouldn’t be admitted. Besides, I suffered enough turmoil stomaching my parents in life; why would I choose to be with them in death? I asked my wife, ‘Where are we going to be buried, sweetheart?’ She told me she wasn’t. She wanted to be cremated and have...

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