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The Old Un's Note

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Oldie contributor Craig Brown has written a marvellous biography of the Queen’s sister, Ma’am Darling – 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret.

The book’s publication has brought all sorts of reminiscences about Princess Margaret to light – including one from Oldie contributor Michael Barber.

Barber was at prep school with the sons of Group Captain Peter Townsend, who had a doomed love affair with Princess Margaret that gripped the nation.

‘The elder son, Giles, was a pal of mine,’ says Barber, ‘He said Princess Margaret taught him to dance. I seem to recall Giles saying, à propos HRH and his father, that she was always humming that song from Oklahoma!, People Will Say Were in Love.’ 

‘Giles was a shy boy, prone to blushing, and not one to draw attention to himself, even at one remove. In any case, had you asked us which had more cachet – shooting down lots of German planes or marrying a princess – I’m sure we’d have said the former.’

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