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The Old Un's Note

Old Un's Notes |

The Old Un is much enjoying the newly released DVDs of The Kenny Everett Video Show, on the 40th anniversary of the programme’s first broadcast in 1978.

Oldie Towers residents played a crucial role in the rise of ‘Ev’. In the early 1960s, our very own gentleman of the road, Wilfred De’Ath, then a radio producer, spotted Everett’s brilliance and invited him for an interview with the BBC. But Everett literally jumped ship and preferred to work for pirate radio on Radio London.

Barry Cryer, our MC at Oldie Literary Lunches, wrote much of Everett’s TV work and created the rubber- bosomed actress Cupid Stunt, known for flagrantly crossing her legs. Barry had spotted a young actress, after she’d appeared in a nude axe- murder scene, saying, ‘It was all done in the best possible taste!’ It quickly became Cupid Stunt’s immortal catchphrase.

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