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Walk tall in high heels. By Mary Killen

Regulars | By Mary Killen

Naomi Campbell falls in nine-inch heels. Vivienne Westwood show, 1993

They take ten pounds off you and enhance the bust – but be careful you don’t take a tumble

The late, great Sir Terry Wogan regularly broadcast to eight million listeners on his Radio 2 show, Wake Up to Wogan. One morning, Wogan drew listeners’ attention to a beauty advert splashed over London billboards. It boasted that the product in question could ‘reduce the seven signs of ageing’. Wogan noted that the most obvious sign of ageing that he knew of had nothing to do with wrinkles, fine lines or sagging. It was the moment when a woman entered a shoe shop and pronounced the words ‘Those look comfortable.’ Even younger women suffer for their shoes – though not so badly as oldies. A few years ago, in the days when glossy magazines still had money to splash about, I attended a party in Fulham Palace to celebrate the career of a Condé Nast editor. The limos arrived and legions of perfectly groomed women got out of them. In...

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