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Wilfred De'Ath

Regulars | By Wilfred De'Ath

My week on church floors, 'one gets into a rhythm after a while and I have to say I began to enjoy it'

Seven Cambridge churches and one synagogue have joined forces to offer floor space to men who would otherwise be sleeping rough during the winter. The scheme is staffed by nearly 400 volunteers. They provide a sleeping bag, a blanket and a pillow and give you a good meal before lights out at 9pm. Returning from France without accommodation, I had no alternative but to apply. My first port of call was Christ Church, a conservative, evangelical church on the Newmarket Road. They took pity on me in view of my age (eighty in July) and arranged for bed and breakfast four miles away, somewhere out by the Cambridge airport. It felt lonely out there; so I decided I would put up with the hard church floor from now on. Next evening, we were at Little St Mary’s, a very ‘high’ Anglican church in the town centre. The floor was extremely...

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