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Words and Stuff: Dear Senior Chief Executive President...

Regulars | By Johnny Grimond

It’s no secret that many people love a title. Clever retailers have dropdown menus on their websites that allow customers to elevate their status to anything from Dowager Duchess to Field Marshal when ordering tweeds or corduroys. Presumably this makes them feel better, and it may impress the postman, but it sits oddly with the trend among the young to drop not only titles but also surnames. That doesn’t mean the love of titles is waning. On the contrary. Modern life is all but impossible without a business card, and a business card looks embarrassingly naked without a job title. Such cards, however, often seem designed to impress more than to inform. One way this is attempted is by placing ‘strategy’ or ‘strategic’ in the title. Thus the BBC has a ‘head of strategic change’, and Cultureshock Media has a ‘director of creative strategy’. ‘Strategic’ sounds good. It smacks of...

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