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A Celtic prayer for the afflicted

Blog | By Rev Steve Morris | Jul 27, 2020

Celtic Cross (Credit: Froaringus)

Hello dear friends. It has been so good to have accompanied you our Celtic pilgrimage. When lockdown was announced we could have had no idea how long this crisis would last. For me, I have a new respect and admiration for the early Christians. I have grown to love digging out the prayers and unpacking them a bit.

During this period, I lost my wonderful cat friend, Lance. It with great pleasure that I found this lovely little ancient prayer about cats. It is good to know that our forebears had a love of moggies as well.

Creeping by night,

Creeping by night,

Quoth the grey cat;

Creeping by night,

With neither star nor gleam,

nor brightness nor light,

Quoth the grey cat.