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A Good Friday sermon for Oldie readers

Blog | By Rev Steve Morris | Apr 10, 2020

Last night I rang the church bell and went outside at 8pm with my family to applaud those who are such heroes. The bell is deeply symbolic and I find it very moving to hear it ringing. Today is the day of the Cross. When took upon himself all that has been, is and will be wrong in this world. The Cross is the Royal Road to enlightenment…today we walk awhile the painful path with the wounded Christ.

There is a story that three young islanders from the Hebrides were wondering whether one day we might not need God. Perhaps we will find all the answers to the mystery of life and suffering and love without Him. Maybe we have all wondered this.

Amid the agony of the cross is a kind of treasure. I think the Cross answers many questions - not least whether suffering can be redeemed. Jesus in his lonely last day is at least helped by someone - a stranger, Simon, who helps him along the way and bears some of the weight.

I can see Northwick Park Hospital from where I am sitting. There are people there who are helping others in their agony and fear. Thank God.