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A new romance on Coronation Street?

Blog | By Gyles Brandreth | Sep 13, 2018

I am excited that my friend, the actress Maureen Lipman, 72, has just rejoined the cast of Britain’s longing-running soap opera, Coronation Street. This time round, Maureen is playing Corrie’s new battle-axe, a 21st-century Ena Sharples with added sex appeal. Because I still have ambition, I’m hoping to join her.

I’ve asked my agent to tell the Corrie guys that I’m available if wanted. I see myself as a defrocked clergyman who has moved into the Street in the hope of rebuilding his life. No one knows his secret, but Maureen has her suspicions – and he, of course, has a crush on her. Is his passion for her real or is it all a cruel ruse to rob her of her dignity and her life’s savings? Watch this space.

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