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A prayer in praise of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore

Blog | By Rev Steve Morris | Feb 02, 2021

Captain Tom Moore (Credit:

Like the rest of the country, I was so inspired by the late Captain Sir Tom Moore and his 100 laps of the garden, raising more than £33m for charity. In an interview with him, I was most struck by his comment that ‘the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away.’

I have long thought the elder generation are a testament to all that is good about our nation. My congregation is full of elders who deal with life, gently and compassionately and with great bravery. We have a lot to learn from them and it is heart-rending that this appalling virus is robbing us of the very best of us. Of course, the younger generation are stepping up and saving lives in the face of personal danger. It is stirring stuff.

Captain Moore's wisdom was most welcome. It is sustaining me and helping me to see that one day all shall be well. But tonight, I mourn those we are losing and have lost – each person precious and unique and with a story to tell.

The ancient Celtic Christians were also hopeful people in the face of adversity. They faced the end with great dignity. I love this quote from Hebridean Altars.

Bless me with Thy presence when I shall make an end of living.

Help me in the darkness to find the ford.

And in my going comfort me with Thy promise that

Where Thou art, there shall Thy servant be