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Anne Robinson: the Supreme Court should be trimmed – and have its highlights done

Blog | By The Old Un | Oct 02, 2019

The Old Un’s phone stands to attention.

The Queen of Mean, aka Anne Robinson, is on the blower. She has been closely studying events at the Supreme Court – and she is not happy with what she has seen.

Not politically speaking. Robinson was more concerned with the President of the Supreme Court’s haircut.

‘I wanted to organise a whip-round for Lady Hale to have her colour done at Richard Ward or Daniel Galvin,’ she says.

‘She and Lady Arden – her fellow Supreme Court judge – both sport what I call Girton mops [the Cambridge college is the alma mater of both judges]: a bonnet of hair in need of a good cut and some highlights. It’s fine for cycling round Cambridge as a student but not, please, in the Supreme Court.’

Anne Robinson strongly believes that hairstyles mark out the woman. The Old Un once caught her at work, hairstyle-spotting, at the Northamptonshire funeral of the late, great Alexander Chancellor, former editor of The Oldie, in 2017.

‘At the funeral, I spotted another trend; the upper-class girl’s bird’s-nest – long, uncombed, straggly locks vaguely held together by a slide on the top of the head. One only hopes it doesn’t catch on for women further down the pecking order.’