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Auberon Waugh on breast-feeding – an extract from Miles Kington’s letters

Blog | By Miles Kington | Apr 04, 2017

Miles Kington (pictured), who died in 2008 aged 67, was a much-loved Oldie columnist. Now Caroline Kington, his widow, is planning to publish a selection of the 20,000 letters he wrote in his lifetime.

My Mother, the Bearded Lady: the Selected Letters of Miles Kington is being published through Unbound. Those wishing to contribute to the publication can get in touch here.

This week, Miles writes a letter to a friend, Mark Smalley, at the BBC. He recalls the time Lord Lichfield literally bored someone to death – and Auberon Waugh’s lecture in Nigeria. Waugh happily gave a lecture on breast-feeding, only to discover he had misheard what he was supposed to talk about…. Read the letter here.