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Barbecue – American-style

Blog | By James Fletcher | Jul 24, 2020

I mentioned the seriousness with which Americans take their weekends a week ago... and here in New York City, is another perfect example. Dotted along the Hudson River bank near the George Washington Bridge are endless gatherings in the parks... and this is no-nonsense stuff, requiring commitment and planning. You’ll see a fleet of chairs, tables, balloons, decent-sized catering tents, and one - sometimes three barbecues (known here as grills), possibly a sound system and I don’t mean a Bluetooth device - I mean weighty speakers that require two people to carry them. You hear Mexican music, urban music, Brazilian music. The food smells incredible. One imagines, by the state and merriment of some, various liquid vessels’ contents are not confined to soft drinks as the law requires. Similarly, certain gatherings emit strains of a certain herb being smoked. But in post lockdown life, if people are causing no trouble, and having a nice time, it seems no uniformed individuals are planning to curtail anyone’s joy.