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Barry Cryer's Favourite Dog Joke

Blog | By Barry Cryer | By Barry Cryer | Jun 17, 2022

Miss Barnett had a dog called Bobby. She always put him out for a moment last thing at night for his ritual pee.

One night, she'd been in town with some friends and had had a few drinks. She came back and popped Bobby out in the garden. She fell asleep on the sofa, woke up and found that he hadn't come back.

So she went out into the garden and there he was, to put it delicately, making love with another local dog.

She tried to stop him with a bucket of water, and then with a broom.

So she rang up the vet, not knowing it was still the middle of the night and told him all that had been happening.

The vet said, 'Bring Bobby to the phone.'

'Will that stop him?' Miss Barnett asked.

'Well, it's just stopped me,' said the vet.