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Barry Cryer's rude priest joke

Blog | By Barry Cryer | By Barry Cryer | Jan 25, 2023

A priest isn't feeling well and so he calls in a doctor.

The doctor says, 'Oh yes, Father, I've had several priests with the same symptoms and I've prescribed something very effective.'

'Oh yes?' says the priest. 'What is it?'

'Well, not to put too fine a point on it, Father, it's sex with a woman,' the doctor says.

'Oh, OK, if you insist,' says the priest. 'But there must be three conditions.'

'Of course,' says the doctor.

'First, she must be blind, so she can't see that I'm a man of the cloth.'

'Of course,' says the doctor.

'Secondly, she must be dumb, so she can't tell anyone about this,' says the priest.

'Certainly,' says the doctor. 'And the third request?'

'Big knockers.'