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Boris's media village – in the boiling cauldron of Westminster

Blog | By Harry Mount | Jul 24, 2019

The media village, Westminster. Source: Harry Mount

Louise Minchin, the presenter of BBC Breakfast, had to fan herself with a fan this morning on air for the first time in her career, she told me as we prepared to go live at 8.20am.

Temperatures in the media village outside Parliament, on College Green, soared into the 90s. It doesn't help that the Green faces south, and that the heat bounces back off the medieval wall of Westminster School's College Garden behind the village.

All human life is here - well, all media life. Here, at 8.30am, was Matthew Parris in an elegant white linen suit, doing a piece to camera. Here is Health Secretary Matt Hancock talking to Nicky Campbell on Radio 5 Live in a little tent, pitched directly in the boiling sun. There's Nicky Morgan, former Education Secretary, hovering outside the Radio 5 Live tent, politely letting another interviewee into the tent ahead of her. They presumably already know their fate in Boris's new Cabinet.

But that doesn't stop the febrile atmosphere building up, as interviewers desperately worry whether their guests will turn up; as guests worry about drying up; and the temperature keeps climbing up, up, up...