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Crime falls when everyone goes home

Blog | By Harry Mount | Apr 27, 2020

Bulgari in Bond Street today (Credit: Harry Mount)

For all the agony of those subject to increased domestic violence during lockdown, all sorts of crimes have slumped under the lockdown.

In London, crime has dropped 14% since the start of the year, with knife crime falling by a quarter. Residential burglary has fallen by 27% since January, as houses have filled with residents 24/7 under the lockdown, and rape has fallen by 23%.

There are no figures for burglary from upmarket shops. But, bicycling down Bond Street this afternoon, I could see little opportunity for the aspirant criminal. Shops like Bulgari (pictured) and Asprey's had had all their window displays cleared.

It proves that crime is a choice for criminals. They are opportunists who will strike when it's easy, and not bother when it's difficult. And criminals get scared, too, of the virus – they're staying at home like the rest of us.