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End of an era: Condé Nast says farewell to iconic Vogue House. By Amelia Milne

Blog | By Amelia Milne | Jan 19, 2023

Vogue House

Shockwaves hit the magazine world as news is announced that Condé Nast will be relocating to their Adelphi office on the Embankment.

This isn’t due to cost-cutting measures, apparently, but because it is hard to manage a business in an ‘old building’. This is a sad day for Vogue House. Even with its ancient lift system, there is something incredibly romantic and iconic about Vogue House. Not that the Adelphi building isn’t suitably impressive, but, if walls could talk, Vogue House, steeped in its history, would have a lot to say. It has seen it all.

Vogue House was designed in 1959, in a modernist style, by architects James Cubitt & Partners. The building has a New York art deco vibe and overlooks Hanover Square, which is a great place for a work picnic lunch in the summer, underneath the shade of the plane trees.

The impressive entrance, at Vogue House, has turnstile doors, which move quickly, creating an intimating first day for new recruits. Hidden amongst the third floor was Tony’s Café, where ‘Voguettes’ would get their sugar fix.

Many a famous face waltzed through these doors and into the world of high fashion. Employees clutched their lattes in hand, followed by Anna Wintour, Princess Diana, or Alan the Tatler dachshund. Wedged between Oxford Street and Bond Street, the building was suitably placed for fashionistas going shopping and for lunching.

Is the face of media changing? Are people turning to fashion online, more than in print? We are entering a digital age and the offices are being streamlined to match.

To me, nothing beats flicking through glossy pages, as opposed to scrolling on a phone looking at Instagram. I prefer reading a book to a Kindle, but perhaps I am just old-fashioned. Vogue House will always represent the golden age of glossies.