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Fear and misery in LA

Blog | By James Fletcher | Jul 17, 2020

Angelinos, as the inhabitants of the City of Angels are known, are feeling pretty down, contrary to their typical sunny disposition, as California governor Gavin Newsom has implemented Lockdown 2.0, as the press are referring to it. With immediate effect, all indoor restaurants, bars, offices, you name it - are closed once more. COVID numbers are rising again in the USA and any idea that the peak had been achieved has been widely rejected this week. Florida, specifically Miami, is the new hot zone - defined as an area that may not be able to cope in terms of hospital capacity. All this in an election year, where the critical conventions of both parties are being scaled back with the possibility of entire cancellation, downgraded to an prosaic online alternative, depriving parties of the whoopty whoop they so desperately crave.