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Founder of our Times

Blog | Oct 16, 2019

Pictured is the logo of the Times, which stars in two new books.

In The Thunderer, Times journalist Christopher McKane tells the story of John Walter II (1776-1847), the son of John Walter I, who founded the paper.

It was under John Walter II’s management, in 1804, that the clock logo was introduced. The time was initially set at 6.07am, showing the average time of publication. The time was changed in 1826 to 6.05am and then, in 1845, to 6.06am. These days, it’s 4.30am. In 1949, artist Reynolds Stone – subject of a new memoir by his son, Humphrey Stone – redrew the clock device (pictured). According to the book, ‘The present version depicts a scythe’s handle too short – a detail Reynolds would never have allowed.’