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Happy 71st birthday, Christopher Biggins

Blog | By The Old Un | Dec 16, 2019

Christopher Biggins Source: Allan Warren

The Old Un bumped into Christopher Biggins just before he turned 71 today. He’s on fine form, despite a painful knee. ‘I love being 70,’ he tells us. ‘There’s less pressure to do what you don’t want to do. I’ve learned a new word…NO! Followed, of course, by two other words, THANK YOU.’

He’s in reflective mood. ‘I miss Ronnie Barker so much. He was wonderful. He used to share the funny lines around. He allowed everyone to get a laugh. He used to deliberately get his lines wrong and shout out, “Oh bum” – so he put the rest of us at ease.’

He misses, too, his time in the jungle as part of I’m a Celebrity. ‘But I don’t miss the food. I had to eat kangaroo testicles and they burst when you chewed them. But it was a wonderful time. You got away from everything – the phone, the internet, everything...’

What advice would he have for a youngster wanting to enter the acting profession? ‘Don’t do it. It’s a horrible business. I know so many very brilliant actors who aren’t working. I’ve had a charmed life. I’m 70 and have been going in showbiz for 56 years and I’m still getting employed. I really can’t complain.’