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Happy retirement to Doorkins Magnificat, Southwark Cathedral's cat

Blog | By The Old Un | Nov 05, 2019

Southwark Cathedral Source: Amandajm

How sad that Doorkins Magnificat, the Southwark Cathedral cat, is to retire due to bad eyesight.

The Old-Un rubbed shoulders, or should that be paws, at Southwark Cathedral with our favourite feline. She’s an object lesson in where a bit of persistence can get you.

Back in 2008, she was a stray on the mean streets of south London. But over Christmas of that year she began coming to the church for alms (well cat food) and the rest is history.

These days, Doorkins is part-and-parcel of cathedral life. Plus, she’s published a book and runs a catfood-bank charity. But most of all she sleeps in the Dean’s Choir stall.

We find her curled up on warm radiator and our contact at the cathedral. The Sub dean Michael Rawson tells us, ‘She likes sleeping – she slept when the Queen came to see her.’ But on another occasion it was different. Bishop Michael Curry was talking to a packed cathedral. ‘Doorkins swept up to the stage and proceeded to clean herself, Bishop Curry says it was only time he’d been upstaged by a cat.’

This lovely old cat is a bit elusive - as deliciously named poet Julia Bird had it in 2017. Perhaps you’ll catch her ‘padding by, her fur a flare of green and gold and purple sun.’