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'If Private Eye attack you, you know that you have made it' Tom Hodgkinson

Blog | By Amelia Milne | Mar 06, 2024

Photo by Neil Spence Photography

Tom recalled his friend Toby Young saying 'this internet thing. This internet fad. It's just CB radio for the 90s'

On Amazon, Tom said 'Just after we started we heard about a new company that was just beginning that specialised in packaging up books and sending them out mail order to people who ordered them via a computer called Amazon. How we scoffed at this stupid idea!'

When Tom started the Idler, they were attacked by Private Eye, 'if Private Eye attack you, you know you've made it.' They also said 'The Idler is a one-joke Will Self fanzine staffed by friends of the former junkie.'

On opening the Idler Academy, 'I was like a cross between David Brent and John Cleese working 14 hours a day!'