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In praise of oldie technophobes

Blog | By Harry Mount | Jul 17, 2017

I appreciate the irony of an online blog attacking the internet – and I speak as someone who spends half his waking hours strapped to an infernal computer. But, still, how I admire those people who manage to dodge the flickering screen.

In a new survey of 82 to 94-year-olds, SPF Connect, a charity-funded project to bring senior citizens online, has discovered that two thirds of those surveyed had never touched a computer.

SPF Connect’s aim is admirable enough – to get older people to understand the internet. And I can see there are some advantages – not least things like online food shopping and Amazon, which bring to your door the great piles of groceries and books you’d otherwise have to lug through the streets.

Still, I can’t help being envious of that generation who have avoided the internet addiction altogether. Imagine the hours they save, the time spent reading real books, the days spent admiring the world around them rather than the 10 square inches of an iPhone screen.  

HARRY MOUNT, @mounth.