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It's kicking off in New York

Blog | By James Fletcher | Jun 03, 2020

Following two nights of lootings and criminal destruction, the mayor has now imposed an 8pm curfew, helicopters hover all across the city, and sirens fill the otherwise unusually quiet city air. Tonight they’re deadly serious about showing who’s in charge and everywhere you look, lights are flashing, and the police are challenging anyone on the streets after 8pm. Even before curfew, I saw police arrest a number of suspects that were already looting in daylight.

This afternoon I was in the deli when everyone’s mobile phone made a siren sound. It was an amber alert. In any chosen geographical area, law enforcement can send a message to every phone in the vicinity, with warnings such as a child abduction with details of the car involved, an imminent weather event, an area to avoid due to imminent terrorist threat. Today’s was announcing a curfew across New York City for the first time since 1943.