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Lockdown's silver lining – Manhattan's roads just got better

Blog | By James Fletcher | Jul 01, 2020

There’s a moment, usually in the run up to Christmas when you find yourself in a traffic jam, and as you encounter the cause, you cry blue murder at the notion that this is being done at the busiest time of year when you witness road re-surfacing. “Why couldn’t they have done it at a quiet time?”, you mutter. Well, in a rare moment of local council efficiency, the city (equivalent of the council) has taken advantage of deserted streets to resurface some of its more ropey thoroughfares. New York is famous for having some of the most uneven and poorly maintained streets in the western world… deadly for a cyclist, treacherous for a normal car, and only a friend to a 4x4 wheel drive monster. Perhaps this is progress of a sort.