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Long live Dan Dare - by the Old Un

Blog | By The Old Un | Oct 13, 2021

Dan Dare in the Eagle (Copyright: the Eagle)

Greta Tomlinson (1927-2021), the original illustrator of Dan Dare, has sadly died. The Old Un remembers Dan Dare and his creator Frank Hampson

Frank Hampson (1918-85) created the immortal Dan Dare.

Square-jawed Dare starred, in rich, luscious colours, in Eagle from 1950 to 1967 – with comebacks in 1977-79 and 1982-94. Almost a million copies of the first 1950 Eagle issue were sold, but Hampson never made a fortune out of his Pilot of the Future – £3,000 in debt, he sold the rights for a pittance. Hampson died in 1985, aged 66, but, still, his great creation lives on, for ever circling the globe and always at the ready to take on the evil Mekon, planet-brained ruler of the alien Treens.