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The Duchess of Sussex likes using her own title - why does she get other people's wrong? By Harry Mount

Blog | By Harry Mount | Dec 03, 2021

By Mark Jones

In her statement after her case against the Mail on Sunday, the Duchess of Sussex blundered.

She referred to the proprietor of the Mail on Sunday as Lord Jonathan Rothermere. He is in fact Lord Rothermere. He would only be Lord Jonathan if he were a younger son of a marquess or a duke – or the son of some royal princes, like Lord Frederick Windsor, son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. 'Lord Jesus Christ' is another rare occasion when the combination is acceptable.

Of course, these things don't matter much. But they are revealing. The blunder shows that the Duchess doesn't have very bright advisers - if any advisers did read her statement before it was published. It also shows that either she didn't show the statement to Prince Harry; or she did, and he doesn't know how titles work; or he does know but was too polite to say anything.

It also shows that the Duchess, who is keen on using her title, isn't very interested in other people's. Someone with a little more curiosity might have observed more about the names of those she was surrounded by - albeit briefly - when she was at the heart of royal life.