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New York goes alfresco

Blog | By James Fletcher | Jun 25, 2020

As the UK is muddling through the delicate business of re-opening, the same is happening in New York. Restaurants which operate on the thinnest margins at full capacity, have been allowed to spill out far beyond their normal perimeter. Here you see them commandeering a part of the street or pavement to serve food outdoors - indoor serving is still not permitted, and when it is, distancing will be an issue. Whether patrons will want to eat among vehicle fumes and horn-blowing when traffic increases, remains to be seen. Sadly, many restaurants have already folded, having been squeezed by greedy not-in-it-together landlords. These lifelines are free for now, but nobody knows how long they will last or on what basis. In theory, there are 2-3 months of warm weather left. Will it be enough to save these ailing businesses?