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New York goes alfresco

Blog | By James Fletcher | Aug 13, 2020

There is a new sense of urgency to keep businesses afloat. I’ve mentioned some of the loosening of previously draconian rules involving alcohol. And just as New York seemed to be heading in a European direction with drinkers wandering the boulevards and huddling on rugs in the parks, the drawbridge was raised once more and the rules were enforced more heavily. Part of the logic is that social-distancing is an early casualty of too much alcohol and as New York’s fortunes have vastly improved, there is also now, mandatory quarantine for arrivals from 36 states where they are faring less well. Restaurants are being allowed to spill out into a much wider radius than would have been allowed before. Here Frenchette, an establishment of note, has spent some decent money on their roadside offering. And many restaurants are doing the same, giving rise to a new hospitality art form.