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Quite Interesting Things about... smell - John Lloyd

Blog | By John Lloyd | Oct 07, 2022

Clive Christian No 1 Passant Guardant

Perfume smells strongest immediately before a storm.

According to astronauts, space smells like ‘seared steak, hot metal and welding fumes’.

Salmon can smell the waters they were born in.

The master perfumer in a fragrance company is called the Nose.

As well as perfume, Noses create the aroma of dishwasher tablets, kitty litter, rubbish bags and car interiors.

The first known European perfume was called the Queen of Hungary’s Water.

The world’s most expensive perfume is Clive Christian No 1 Passant Guardant. It costs £143,000 for 30ml and comes in a flask studded with 2,000 diamonds.

The world’s first synthetic perfume smelled of new-mown grass.

A tiger’s urine smells strongly of buttered popcorn.

Jaguars cannot resist the smell of Calvin Klein’s Obsession For Men.

Hogweed is so called because it smells like pigs.

King Henry IV of France smelled strongly of goat.

Deer hate the smell of lavender, mothballs and tobacco. Fleas loathe the smell of garlic. Ants and mosquitoes can’t stand the smell of tomatoes.

Americans who are disgusted by the smell of body odour, sweat and bad breath are more likely to vote for Donald Trump.