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Blog | Jan 30, 2019

Margaret Calvert accepts her Oldie of the Year Award from Gyles Brandreth

Margaret Calvert, the genius who designed our road signs, won the Oldie Signwriter of the Times award. She sported a charming handbag, emblazoned with her famous Men at Work sign – the one that looks like a man opening an umbrella.

Calvert didn’t just design our signs; she appears in them. The girl in her ‘Children Crossing’ sign was a self-portrait. In that sign, she dispensed with the school caps because they were too elitist and showed a big sister leading her little brother across the road, rather than the other way round.

Gyles Brandreth said they were even more progressive than that: ‘They’ve both got short hair. They are in fact gender fluid. The girl is, in fact, a trans boy, and the boy is a trans girl.’