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Listen to Robert Hardman at The Oldie Literary Lunch about his latest book on King Charles III

Blog | Jan 24, 2024

Photo by Neil Spence Photograpy


Robert Hardman addressed The Oldie lunch, yesterday, about his latest book: King Charles III: New King. New Court. The inside story.

Robert says there are "no stories about broken dog-bowls or being frostbitten!"

Robert suggested to The Oldie audience, “As the King prepares his list of royal warrants, which we are told are in the offing, I do actually think there should be a royal warrant for The Oldie magazine”. He went on to say, “I think Charles III would be the perfect candidate” for an Oldie of The Year Award as he "still has snap in one’s celery, even if he is off games this week. We send him our best wishes".

Royal Palace scoops revealed to Robert Hardman that King Charles III is always opening windows, even though Queen Camilla quite likes things warm and cosy. “If you are wandering around a royal building and wondering where the monarch is look for the flagging curtains- because that is the room he is in!”

Robert revealed that The King "won't do lunch" which is "slightly ironic given that Queen Camilla is patron of a charity called The Big Lunch!"

If you wonder who is in charge of time-keeping, Robert tells us, then look no further than Queen Camilla. "If things are running over, or if King Charles is taking too long on a walkabout or chatting too much, she is the one who uses the sharp edge of her handbag, I have seen her do it, in the small if his back and everything moves on seamlessly."